Since Trump’s Election in 2016, the country has watched dozens of special election contests all around the country.

At the Federal level, we all saw Doug Jones’ upset victory in Alabama over Roy Moore for the US Senate. Shortly thereafter, Connor Lamb seized a deeply red US House seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th District.

Flying further under the radar are 41 state legislative seats that Democrats have flipped since Trump’s election. Take newly-minted Wisconsin State Senator, Patty Schachtner, as an example. Schachtner won in a district President Trump carried by 17 points.

Despite the 2018 midterms being just a few months away, there are a batch of special elections in June that could have huge impacts on state chambers across the country.


California Senate District 29

Candidate: Sen. Josh Newman

Josh Newman (Photo Credit: Josh Newman on Twitter)

About: This race could not be more important. Right-wing activists in California are trying to recall and replace Sen. Josh Newman…just for voting for a bill that increased California’s gas tax. If Newman is recalled and replaced by a Republican, Democrats will lose their two-thirds supermajority in the California State Senate. He won his seat in 2016 by less than 2,500 votes.

Progressive Takeover Rating: Lean Blue

California Assembly District 39

Luz Rivas (Photo Credit: Luz Rivas For Assembly on Facebook)

Candidate: Luz Maria Rivas

About: This seat is seen as a safely Democratic district. Luz Rivas is the founder of DIY Girls, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls become interested in math and science.

Progressive Takeover Rating: Safe Blue

California Assembly District 45

Candidate: Jesse Gabriel

Jesse Gabriel (Photo Credit:

About: Jesse Gabriel is a Los Angeles County Commissioner and constitutional rights attorney. He has represented clients before the United States Supreme Court and is currently suing the Trump Administration in two landmark lawsuits which seek to protect undocumented young people—known as Dreamers—who were promised protection under the DACA program.

Progressive Takeover Rating: Safe Blue

Missouri Senate District 17

Candidate: Lauren Arthur

About: The seat became vacant in January after Ryan Silvey (R) was appointed to the Missouri Public Service Commission. Arthur has been in the Missouri House of Representatives since 2014. She has fought for funding for early literacy programs and has filed legislation to bring greater transparency to elections, and to protect survivors of domestic violence. Recent polling shows Arthur in a great position.

Lauren Arthur (Photo Credit: Lauren Arthur Twitter)

Progressive Takeover Rating: Toss up (Silvey won the set by 22 points in 2016, but only 5 in 2012)


Progressive Takeover is investing in both of the Wisconsin Special Elections to turn out Democratic voters! More info coming soon.

Wisconsin Senate District 1

Candidate: Caleb Frostman

About: Frostman is the Door County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director.The 1st District is currently without representation, after the resignation of Sen. Frank Lasee (R), who left to join Gov. Walker’s administration at the end of last year. Frostman is emphasizing affordable healthcare and childcare for the working class, along with investing in Wisconsin’s public schools. 

Caleb Frostman (Photo Credit: Green Bay Press Gazette)

Progressive Takeover Rating: Toss Up

Wisconsin Senate District 42

Candidate: Ann Groves Lloyd

About:  Lloyd is putting clean water and education funding at the center of her campaign. The seat became vacant following Keith Ripp’s (R) resignation to also serve in Walker’s administration. Her family farm has been standing for generations, and Lloyd is idealizing the bridge between progressive politics and rural voters.

Progressive Takeover Rating: Lean Red

Ann Groves Lloyd (Photo by Ann Groves Lloyd on Twitter)



Note: Certain content was sourced from candidates’ websites and repurposed for this post.