July 26, 2018


Gina Cruz

North Carolina State Director – Progressive Takeover

(804) – 306 – 9708

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Grassroots PAC sees opportunity to break GOP supermajority

Progressive Takeover, a grassroots political action committee, announced House Districts 74 and 93 as targeted districts for their $110,000 investment to mobilize progressive voters and flip the seats from red to blue in November.

“Representatives Debra Conrad and Jonathan Jordan continue to ignore the voices of their constituents by going along with the power-hungry North Carolina GOP agenda. As elected officials they have an obligation to represent their constituents,” said Gina Cruz, North Carolina State Director.

The funds will employ a team of organizers and field staff who specialize in voter contact and mobilization. To help get voters to the polls, Progressive Takeover will collaborate with student activists on college campuses across North Carolina. The organization’s program will focus specifically on engaging the Rising American Electorate: people of color, single women, and millennials.

House District 74:

Terri LeGrand, a former lawyer and Wake Forest faculty member, is running on a bold progressive platform focusing on investments in education, green jobs, and independent redistricting. With a rich background in law and community activism, LeGrand is uniquely qualified to represent House District 74.

“Terri LeGrand is dedicated to a safer North Carolina, and she knows this can be achieved with sensible gun reform. We’re thrilled to support her and take back our state halls for Democrats,” said Arsidez León, Deputy State Director.

Rep. Debra Conrad (R) is a three-term incumbent who has pushed for radical, hard-line immigration enforcement policies. LeGrand has reported significantly higher fundraising totals than Conrad, as LeGrand’s campaign continues to gain momentum.

House District 93:

Ray Russell, campaign chair for three years of the High Country United Way, is running on a similar issues platform including independent redistricting, Medicaid expansion, and opposing voter suppression laws.

Rep. Jonathan Jordan (R) was first elected to the NCGA in 2010 and now serves as Deputy Majority Whip.  Jordan has continually stood with the extreme right-wing voices of his party in imposing deep public funding cuts.

“Ray Russell knows the state legislature is broken and wants to bring listening, leadership, and respect back to the General Assembly. We’re excited to support him and to take back seats in the NC state legislature this year,” said Gina Cruz, State Director.


Progressive Takeover was founded to target the most competitive state legislative contests in the country. Their field staff bring the latest in data-driven targeting and research-backed tactics directly to the voter’s door. Specifically, they hope to mobilize voters to end Republican gerrymandering, reverse voter suppression laws, and take back state chambers.

2018 and 2020 are key elections for Democrats, as they are the last opportunity to win back state chambers before 2021’s redistricting. Progressive Takeover’s programs are aimed at key states in the fight against Republican gerrymandering

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