Progressive Takeover Congratulates Wisconsin Democratic State Senate Candidates on Primary Victories, Announces First Endorsements
Grassroots PAC selects voter turnout program targets

August 15, 2018

Will Hoverman
Program Assistant – Progressive Takeover
[email protected]

Progressive Takeover, a grassroots PAC, formally congratulates the Democratic candidates who emerged from Tuesday’s primary election as the organization begins executing voter turnout programs for the November General Election.

The grassroots PAC is endorsing Julie Henszey (D) in SD-5, Kriss Marion (D) in SD-17, Lee Snodgrass (D) in SD-19, and Chris Kapsner (D) in SD-23.

“These four candidates will fight for a progressive agenda in Madison. For too long, Democrats have been shut out of the governing process by Wisconsin Republicans,” said Katie Miller, Executive Director of Progressive Takeover. “We are confident our voter turnout programs will help make their election a reality.”

At this time, Progressive Takeover has committed $700,000 to run field programs in the Green Bay, Madison, Western Wisconsin, and Milwaukee areas, in addition to robust media targeting and advertising.

These four senate races represent the core targets of Progressive Takeover’s field program. With regional field offices throughout the state, the group may identify more targets in both the State Senate and State Assembly.

“With an eye on taking back the State Senate from GOP control, we are confident the candidates who emerged from Tuesday’s primary will win in November and serve as a firewall to the radical GOP agenda in Wisconsin,” said Miller.

Progressive Takeover was founded to target the most competitive state legislative contests in the country. Their field staff bring the latest in data-driven targeting and research-backed tactics directly to the voter’s door. Their mission of mobilizing voters to end Republican gerrymandering and reverse voter suppression laws made Wisconsin an ideal target.


2018 and 2020 are key elections for Democrats, as they are the last opportunity to win back state chambers before 2021’s redistricting. Progressive Takeover’s programs are aimed at key states in the fight against Republican gerrymandering.

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