June 8, 2018


Will Hoverman, [email protected]

Progressive Takeover Announces an Initial $20,000 Investment to Elect Caleb Frostman in Wisconsin Senate District 1

DOOR COUNTY, WI — Progressive Takeover, a new grassroots Political Action Committee, has announced an initial $20,000 investment to help elect Caleb Frostman to Wisconsin Senate District 1 on June 12.

“This is our first major investment of 2018,” said Katie Miller, Executive Director of Progressive Takeover. “We see these special elections as an opportunity to send a message to Scott Walker and the Republican Party that their agenda is wrong for Wisconsin.”

Caleb Frostman, the Democratic candidate for state Senate, will work to expand affordable healthcare and public education for the people of Wisconsin.

The funds will be used to deliver digital advertisements to voters. Additionally, the group will have staffers on the ground for GOTV efforts leading up to Election Day. This investment represents the first installment of their $700,000+ 2018 Wisconsin voter turnout program, targeting competitive state legislative races.

“Digital advertisements allow us an opportunity to connect with voters who are hard to reach in other places,” said Katie Miller.  “Our field programs bring personalized conversations directly to the voter’s door, whereas our digital efforts bring our messaging to voters where they get their information.”

Despite Governor Scott Walker’s tireless efforts to prevent and delay these June 12 elections, three different judges rejected Walker’s appeal to hold off on the votes until November.

Progressive Takeover was founded to target the most competitive state legislative contests in the country. In 2017, together with their affiliated organization Progressive Turnout Project, Progressive Takeover sent dozens of field staff into 10 targeted state house districts in Virginia. Their programs were hugely successful, flipping all 10 districts from Republican to Democratic control.

In 2018, Progressive Takeover will mobilize inconsistent Democratic voters in competitive state legislative districts in Wisconsin and North Carolina via field programs, digital, and texting. The organization utilizes the latest in data-driven targeting and research-backed tactics in order to end Republican gerrymandering, reverse voter suppression laws, and take back state legislative chambers.